“Plague” Lawn

Woah! Maddy….plague lawn?

Yep…Yep yepidy yep. I’ll come to that.

A couple of Sunday’s ago, after an afternoon of lazying on couches, eating cake and ultimately feeling gross, I decided to take a turn in the cemetery nearby my house.

In my opinion, I am pretty lucky where I live. Hills, mountains, bush, streams….and one giant cemetery.


Now some of you might be thinking, “but cemetery’s are creepy”. I DISAGREE. They are a place of reminiscing all the people who once were, a place of peace, a place of exercise  and a place of love.
Karori cemetery is ENORMOUS! It is like walking through a small town. Some of the graves are as big as cabins (to contain families or important ones I believe), and have door knockers on the doors. Ok, that’s kinda creepy.


Anyway. I ventured up to part of a forest that afternoon.


(That’s my mother’s patch work skirt by the way….I stole it)

I finally went to “plague” lawn, where I sat in the sun and read some sci-fi C.S.Lewis. Now, you’re going to look down at the photo beneath and realise that it is in fact plaque lawn – not plague. I have always seen that sign as plague and I assumed that it was a lawn in commemoration to people who had died from the plague. Silly, I know. It wasn’t until my mother pointed out the truth to me. It’ll still and always be plague lawn to me. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, so there is no point in being offended 🙂


By 5.30pm I came to the beautiful realisation that I was making nachos that night, so i swiftly walked home.


Honestly, I could not and cannot survive without having places nearby to escape and enjoy the nature around. I remember the times as a child being able to just sit in the grass and play with dirt, or sit in a tree and be satisfied for hours playing with a stick. I want to keep those pleasures. Venturing into adulthood – you must never forget the simplicity and beauty of absorbing creation!

Anywho. I encourage you to explore! Enjoy, and good luck! :)


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