Easter 2015!!! (but really just photos of a hill)

Easter has come and gone already, and I can’t quite believe it! Like…..what the heck?! 2015 is going way too quickly!

Let me quickly recap what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. As you may know, I play the harp. And I play in orchestras sometimes. When I play I probably look like this:


That is me playing for the National Youth Orchestra last season.

Near to a couple of weeks ago I was playing my harp for a concert with the Hawkes Bay orchestra in Napier. If you haven’t been to Napier, MY GOODNESS, please GO! It is beautiful and the weather is nearly always perfect. I had an exciting journey there…breaking down on the rimutaka hills, being towed back to Wellington and ultimately missing my first rehearsal. It went well in the end! People cried in the audience, so it must have been good.

While I was there I ordered chocolate egg molds and bought an intriguing purchase called Cocoa Butter…

I love holidays…because they mean I have an excuse to BAKE. Bake everything that a holiday is expected of! This meant this year, I went all out and attempted to make chocolate from scratch. Yes. Scratch.

This is where the cocoa butter comes into the picture. Cocoa butter, cocoa, powdered sugar and milk powder create the beauty of near-to-store-bought chocolate. I made a few Easter eggs with homemade chocolate, and also with some good store bought chocolate. Very tasty!

But of course I had to make hot cross buns! Now….I have discovered the gorgeousness of spelt flour lately. Spelt flour is made from the spelt berry. The flour can be used in replacement of regular AP flour, and it creates the most amazingly light baking! It’s also really good for you! I would highly recommend using it! I would all the time if it wasn’t so dear.




Over this time, my wonderful husband, Wayne, and I were entertaining his parents who were visiting us from Hamilton. But we did sneak out to visit a mountain we hadn’t climbed yet! On Good Friday, we took a little trip out to walk up one of Wellington’s many peaks – Mount Kaukau. It really is incredibly beautiful up there. Wellington is fantastic like that! Giving people all this beauty.

I’ll leave you with some pictures 🙂

See you later alligator!

DSC03358 DSC03360 DSC03363 DSC03370 DSC03372 DSC03373


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