The Red Glory

Can I confess something to you?

After I make a dough on the kitchen bench…… …   …I use a brush and shovel to collect the left over flour. Yes. The same brush and shovel that has been used on the floor. But stop! I want you to think about it. I want you to think about the efficiency.

The reason I bring this up is because I did the very same thing today, but to collect sugar. Sugar and butter that had been flying around my very small kitchen and landing on absolutely everything.

But just to confirm with you. I don’t reuse the swept up flour. And I DO wash the brush and shovel. And I DO scrub down the bench thoroughly. I’m not that disgusting 😛


This afternoon after church whilst walking with a friend through one of Wellington’s MANY vege markets, I spontaneously bought a couple of beetroots with only one thing on mind – a red glory. A red glorious cake!

I stumbled upon this delectable creation only a couple of months ago, and had already tasted it’s gorgeousness before, but today I couldn’t help myself. You can find the recipe here. It truly is a delicious cake; moist, not to dense, sweet and so red! The vibrant colour is caused by the humble beetroot.

First off, I had to bake, peel and puree the beetroot.DSC03381


Next I let the some milk curdle away with vinegar and added extras which included orange and beetroot. “Boy! This cake sure is sounding healthy to me!” said some poor visionary. Oh you just wait.

Following the milk, I sifted all those dry ingredients. Then alas! Next came the creaming of the butter, sugar and eggs. There was SO much sugar in this recipe. I’m embarrassed to write it down. You’ll just have to look at the website.

DSC03383 DSC03385 DSC03386

I then poured the mixture into the pans, popped them into the oven and then did a life time of cleaning.

Out they came so gorgeous and red! 🙂 If you look closely on the cake closest to the camera you can see that an elf has had a little nibble…eeep

DSC03387 DSC03389

Then came the enticing task of making the frosting. Red velvet cake traditionally is served with a cream cheese frosting, but I had the idea that instead of going to the store to buy some, I’d just make a butter cream.


I don’t know whether that picture needs an explanation. There was so much butter in that frosting…NO. In fact, I didn’t even use it all. Again, you should check out the recipe I followed to see for yourself the quantity needed. I wouldn’t recommend it.. It really was to sickening for me, but you know. I can’t judge. Maybe I’m the weird one.

Here is the finale.

DSC03394DSC03395DSC03397 Unfortunately, the camera that I currently own is a crappy terrible old cheap digital thing desperately bought off trade me after the tragic loss of my high quality camera gifted to my on my 21st birthday by all of my 7 person family. I will not be taking any top quality photos any time soon. Therefore, the photos above do not capture the dynamic red that this cake is!

It was a fun and tiring task! and to top it all off I made spinach cannelloni with cottage cheese and an Italian tomato sauce straight afterwards for dinner. Baking and cooking is almost never a chore for me, but a chance to see science happen in front of me. I get a rush of excitement when mixing ingredients together and watching them become something else…and something tasty!

I was literally in the kitchen from 2pm to 6.30. I have neighbours who walk past our kitchen window a few times a day due to being a group of flats, and are probably wondering why my face is there all the time!

Oh well, maybe I should come by their flats one day and give them a few treats.


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