30 days with Maddy!


I think it’s been 4 months since I last made a post – which is terrible! so I’m going to start afresh and start 30 days with Maddy! I’m doing this mainly as a motivator for myself to continue writing, and also for everyone’s interest and entertainment.

What has happened over the last few months? Life. Not a huge amount. But maybe I’ll elaborate in the next few days 🙂

But for now…

Things I am grateful for:

  • My wonderful husband
  • My terrific family
  • A house to live in
  • A warm bed
  • Access to fresh and delicious food
  • Technology
  • The freedom of living in a country where I can be myself, share my opinion and freely go to church.
  • A body that can let me do things without suffering
  • Easy access to learning through public libraries and the internet
  • The fact that I where I live, I can go for walk in the bush, climb a mountain, visit the ocean, run through a forest….all less than an hour walk away from my house!
  • Freedom to talk to God whenever I want
  • Supportive people in my life who help motivate me and build me up.
  • Entertainment at the click of a button..literally (this should really be in technology, but it’s true – easy entertainment can be such a beautiful yet tragic thing).

aaaaand I’m going to stop there. I could probably write a trillion other things on this list, but that’s enough for day one.

Here is a photo of me from today: WP_20151015_002I bet you’ve never seen green porridge before. Well neither had I  until last week and today. It’s porridge with 2 apples, 2 bananas, many dates, cinnamon and blended spinach. It was actually really good.

See you tomorrow!


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