30 Days with Maddy, Day Two: Gardens, walks and the Nephilim

Why hello there.  How are you? I’m back…for day two. …ooo that rhymed.

Wellington presented a mild, slightly breezy, yet sunny spring day today which was very pleasant – so pleasant in fact, that I walked down into town via the Wellington botanical gardens with my sister and two nephews. I had some jobs to do there so it was a good excuse to join them on the scenic route.

Here are a few photos:

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t really thought out this post very well. Wayne and I just arrived home after going for an evening walk and buying some little island mango ice cream to eat. But while we walking I wanted to bring up some interesting conversation.

I confess – I love a bit of conspiracy. I thoroughly enjoy watching documentaries that chuck opinions over certain issues and/or events. (Side note…watch THIS ).

That’s where the nephilim come into context. If you know nothing about the nephilim, that’s ok. They’re often mentioned in the first few books of the old testament and referred to as giants or weird inbred fallen angels/humans. Anyway, I love a good conversation about these things. The vast and ridiculous amount of information on the internet about the nephilim, I find hilarious, but also interesting, so that is why I continue to read into these things.

If you want any more info on them…go HERE…or hereShamash

Anyway, this has been an interesting post. Stick around for tomorrow where I will have a more insightful post…hopefully.


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