30 days with Maddy, Day Four: Wind, Dreams and Bat Wings

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Wind, wind,  so much wind. When I first moved to Wellington, any slight gust of wind was so abnormal and noticeable to me…now days, having my hair constantly in my eyes and mouth and occasionally feeling like I’m literally about to blow over is pretty normal. On my way to church this morning I decided to take a “stroll” along the waterfront as I had a little time to spend. The wind was a little strong today, so my stroll was more of an effort to keep up straight while dragging my feet through the air. I kinda like it though. But only sometimes. At times I get angry at the wind. Usually this is when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere and the only way is to push myself through the wind that is coming in every direction whilst it throws my hair all over the place. I’ve actually shouted aloud like a mad person through some suburban streets once yelling “stop it!” to the wind. But only once.

But to change the topic. Do you dream a lot? I do. Aaaaalll the time. It’s been a recurring theme of my life since I was child. In fact, when I was a child I had a phase of having nightmares every night. My dreams were so vivid – and still are. I no longer have nightmares, but my nights are still filled with adventures and unusual worlds. Today, Wayne told me I could write scripts for movies because often they are just so bizarre. This morning at 4am I was off flying with bat people. It was actually quite crass and made no sense, so I won’t elaborate.

Sometimes my dreams have predicted my own future. I’m not even kidding. I once had a vivid dream where I was having a conversation with someone. The next day the exact same circumstance happened and I had the same conversation that I had dreamt. Let’s say I felt prepared for that one.

I have dreams of tsunami’s, earthquakes, the end of the world, cows drowning under bridges, giant turtles in the ocean, peeing in public, sharks, wolves, orca whales, flying, playing concerts, acting – occasionally meeting Peter Jackson and him letting me be in his movies (always amazing), running, travelling, the sun never going down, being pregnant, giving birth, having a baby….the list goes on and on and oooonnnnn

Some more frequent themes of my night adventures are to do with big old villas/houses – often my childhood home. Quite a few of these dreams are about feasts and parties. I once had a dream of my entire family meeting up to see my old childhood home, and tables and tables of food had been laid out for us. It was still hot and it was just for us to each under the front verandah, overlooking the rose garden. It was great.

I also have dreams of driving a vehicle in very awkward places that are obviously not meant to be driven in – the most common place being malls, indoor corridors, elevators and trying to drive up steep stairs.

But one of the most intense things about my dreams is what I feel and sense in my dreams. Often, the sense of joy, anger, fear, worry, sadness etc is so intense, that I’ve woken up punching a wall, crying, or even laughing!

Gosh, I could honestly write so much regarding all my dreams. I remember so many of them. It’s like remembering films in my head. I surprise myself how much I can remember. But one thing that has been helping me is that I write all of my memorable dreams down. It’s great to read over them and to ponder what they could mean for myself. I highly recommend doing that if you don’t already! I wish everyone a good vivid dream! It always makes a night interesting.

Finally, here are some photos of Wayne and I late this afternoon. We decided to take a drive to get out of the house and see the windmills and ocean view at Makara.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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