30 Days with Maddy, Day Five: Society and Imaginary Games


Here is a daisy that I saw late this afternoon. It was nothing special, but it was nice none the less. It was a beautiful day in Wellington today. The sun was shining, the heat was great, so I plunged into summer living and showed my bare arms to the world.

I don’t have anything of much importance to say today. I had a bit of a sad moment where one of my piano students exclaimed in his lesson that he hated piano and wanted a kinder teacher. In that moment I could have chosen to feel offended, but I didn’t. So I played piano to him, and it seemed to cool the atmosphere.


Here is a fat wood pigeon. These guys live around where Wayne and I live. There is a bird sanctuary just down the road from us, so we have native birds coming out of our ears! Last night a morepork decided to greet us at 4 in the morning in a tree beside our window. It was a very early alarm…too early. I was not happy. We occasionally get the odd kaka tugging away at Wayne’s bike tyre, or tui singing outside. The tui can stay as long as he wants. He’s the king of the bird world in my opinion.

WP_20151019_007 WP_20151019_008

Let’s stop talking about birds. Did you ever play with these branches as a kid? I did. My brother and I would stuff them in the back of our pants and pretend we were monkeys. This was always a fabulous game.

I’ve often looked at young children playing their imaginary games and wonder why we as adults ever stop. I remember the day I stopped playing imaginary games with my friends. It was a sad and tragic day. Intermediate school happened. I was all ready to play  a new game with my new friends…but no. They were too cool for that and all they wanted to do was sit on the school field and talk. Nothing exciting. No new and creative worlds to explore. It had officially become socially inappropriate for me to be running around with kids my age in a land where I could escape from school academia for 40 minutes.

Honestly, I think it is such an important creative development in any child…teenager…adult to imagine a world, develop a story and not get distracted by the reality surrounding you…for a while anyway. I may or may not have continued my little games into high school, at night, so no one would think I was weird.

But you know what, I think every adult still craves a bit of this imagination and a feeling of escape. Computer games: an absolute and complete distraction of reality at the joyful click of a button. You can be taken to another world and create a story of your own. Seriously… the game “The Sims”? It’s just an adult’s excuse to play dolls/families again.


If there is anything you’d like me to write about in the next 25 posts, let me know through a comment below. I could be all serious and talk about issues and opinions, or hurdles I have overcome in life, or just keep it low key. It really is up to me anyway isn’t it.

I hope you’ve all have a lovely day, and see you tomorrow!


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