30 Days with Maddy, Day Seven: Environmental problems and icecream

I’m going to be so super quick. I’ve been working all day, and out this evening.


The only picture I took today is this. My breakfast. Icecream for breakfast. Yep!!!! Baaaaanana icecream. 4 frozen and 1 not frozen ripe bananas blended up with a few dates. Delicious gorgeousness. There is such thing as healthy icecream! Healthy enough to eat for breakfast, or lunch! (done before).

Wayne and I were just out at life group which was a hoot as always. Good conversations always happen. But tonight we ended up on an alarming conversation about the environment and how down hill many aspects of the world’s (specifically New Zealand’s) environment is going. You can read a bit about the “Environment Aotearoa 2015 Report HERE…or actually read the report Here. What I’d highly recommend watching is the documentary called “Cowspiracy”, where you can watch online. It’s main focus is on environmental problems. Honestly…it is such an eye-opening movie. Please consider making time to watch the entire thing.

Anyway, I must be off to bed! Happy Wednesday everyone!


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