30 days with Maddy, Day Eight: Spheres, Cubes and a Haunted House?!

Today was a wet and miserable in Wellington. My day consisted of practising the bizarre and confusing music of modern classical composers for a concert that’s going to be held in just over a week. But alas, the day wasn’t filled with just mediocre things. I was visited by one of my best friends, so my day was made much better! aaand then as I mentioned in an earlier post, I started a cartoon course this evening that is held at Inverlochy art school.


Here’s a drawing a drew a couple of years back…kinda sums up today’s weather.


And here is another drawing. This is the weather that I want.

Inverlochy Art school is based in an old villa. It is massive…like…really huge. In fact, it was built  for Wellington politician Thomas MacDonald in 1878. It even has a reputation for being haunted…but you know, I don’t worry 🙂 You can see a link and video about it HERE

This evening as I was entering this high-ceiling home, I was directed by a chalkboard to walk past the ball room filled with people painting on easels, up the creaky red-carpeted staircase and into a compact room that had no sign (someone told me to go there). I introduced myself to my tutor in a friendly way, and was welcomed back by an order to sharpen a handful of pencils with a craft knife. The last time I had attempted this was when I was around nine years old because dad and I couldn’t find the actual pencil sharpener. I dared not ask this new tutor of mine for a “pencil sharpener” but decided to continue in true artist style of cutting away at the lead and shaping the pencils into unusual shapes.

I made a bold statement that I thought I wasn’t doing a very good job with my sharpening, and was told that I better be because I was going to be assessed on it!? Ahhh? That made my heart race, and I immediately took each pencil again and made them absolutely perfect. All I was thinking was “what have I gotten myself into?!”

After about five minutes, I was still the only student in the class. Another minute and I continued to that only one through to the end of the two hour class. I was meant to be one of seven students this evening, but ended up having a one on one lesson…and it was great. The slightly intimidating tutor turned out to be a fun and helpful tutor. We even had some open talks about life whilst both drawing and concentrating on our own things. He really is a very good artist.  I honestly felt like I was the most ultimate beginner, but I have seven more lessons and learnt quite a bit already from just this one lesson! Most of the lesson is based on “Old school graphics”…so rather than the free style drawing i’m used to, I have to be very precise and see drawings as shapes first, then the overall object.

When I have my head around it a little more, I can let you all know!

Anyway, it’s fun to do an outside activity that doesn’t have to revolve around what I do for a job as such. Do you have other interests/and or hobbies?

Ok, off to bed! See you tomorrow!!


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