30 Days with Maddy, Day Nine: My very little Home.

How are you all today? Wellington had another day of rain, so most of it was spent inside practising and teaching.

I was a bit stuck with what to write about, so I thought, why not show you the best entertainment of my childhood: my doll’s house.


Here it is with some tape keeping the doors from opening.

It is one of my most treasured possessions, even though I’ve neglected it for the last 12 or so years. When I got married, and most recently when my parents were moving house, I had to pick and choose what I actually wanted to keep from my childhood…or else I was to throw it away. My doll’s house was an easy decision. Of course I was going to keep it!

I actually don’t know the age I received this, but I’m sure my family do. I’ve heard the same story come from all of their mouths (minus my younger brother) saying that they painted most of it…or all of it. There has been many a silly argument of who painted what, but what I can remember from being a young girl is that everyone painted it – an equal amount.

Let me give you a little tour. As you will see, it hasn’t been looked after for a while, so there is a LOT of dust. I believe most of the furniture and the dolls were from Germany.

Here is the outside. You can see the painted flowers and greenery that my family painted:




Here is the kitchen. I reeeally loved the kitchen. It was my favourite little room πŸ™‚

WP_20151023_005 WP_20151023_007


Here is the children’s bedroom. As you can see, I spoiled them with toys. I can’t remember the stories of my games exactly, but I can’t understand what they did to deserve it all! Do you like the little rocking horse? Dad made me the little TV. And of course I made “posters” and stuck them on the walls.



Up the stairs we go to the parents bedroom:



And finally the bathroom. Notice the horrific bath, toilet and washbasin from the one barbie set I had…and the funky wall paper from my actual childhood home.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my childhood.

I was so protective of this house. I never wanted to share it with my friends…which sounds terrible actually. I even put a sign up during the day to shoo people away from touching it.

The games played were endless. I even involved it in yearly festivals! Of course I needed it to have a Christmas tree with gifts underneath!

What do I plan to do with it now? Well…I always thought I’d pass it on to my daughter. Who knows πŸ™‚


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