30 Days with Maddy, Day Eleven: Rusty Toys

Another stunning day in Wellington!

Before I continue, thank you to whoever is following all of my posts. I’m happy that some people read these, even if the audience is small 🙂

This afternoon at around 2.40pm, Wayne and I went out for a drive to Happy Valley. This is a part of Wellington I never go to. I think this was the second time I had been to this part of town. It’s a funny place. Very alternative and a bit run down. But this makes a lot of sense because out this way is the Wellington dump. We didn’t go there though…we went to play mini-golf! And it was so incredible!

I took so many photos, so choosing is going to be very very difficult.

WP_20151025_003 WP_20151025_005

The mini-golf course was created by an artist who loves to create art with a lot of metal….rusty metal. There is also a sculpture park. Click HERE for more info.

There was a weird, yet awesome “vibe” walking around. I loved it. I think I scared Wayne a bit because I was so excited about it.





The mini golf was so much fun! The artist had created pathways for the golf balls to travel on. These included creative rusty metal tracks, which were fantastic in my opinion!

WP_20151025_010 WP_20151025_013 WP_20151025_017 WP_20151025_019 WP_20151025_028

There was a rickety and rusty metal walkway that took us to some sculptures. I must say, I was a little concerned when I saw how the metal bridge and stairs sunk quite deeply when I walked over it.

WP_20151025_039 WP_20151025_042 WP_20151025_035 WP_20151025_050

There was also a “play area” for the kiddies to go to after their game of golf. It didn’t look that child-friendly to me…

WP_20151025_033 WP_20151025_054




Anyway. I enjoyed it. I thought it was a very creative space to be in.

Next time you’re in Wellington, drive out to Happy Valley and explore the more abstract part.


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