30 Days with Maddy, Day Thirteen: My Written Life

Bonjour all!

When I was a very young girl I was romanced by the idea of owning a diary/journal that had a lock and a fluffy cover. I would write “dear diary” in it everyday and tell this lifeless book all of my thoughts and secrets. I was captivated by this, and persuaded my sister to buy me a diary with a lock when I was nine years old for Christmas. But of course, I wrote in it once or twice before it became just another item in one of my desk drawers.

I had another diary from when I was six years old that filled up (almost) over the course of three years or so. It mainly consisted of poems, scribbles and phone numbers, but occasionally I’d write something about what I had done. Here is a photo of my first ever journal entry:


Do you like my little stick men?

It wasn’t until year nine at school when my English class studied the diary of Anne Frank, that I became really interested in recording my life and thoughts in a book of my own. I know this sounds quite cliche, but because I knew Anne could AND did write in a journal, then I could too. So I did.

It took a little while for me to get into. During my high school years, It’d be common for me to write one entry every few months or so, or a lot in a short time because something big was happening in my life. I was irregular with my writing.

Then I moved out of home. I moved to Wellington to start university and that’s when writing in a journal became a big thing.

Here is a photo of all my journals so far:


Sometimes I write what seems a small essay, and sometimes I write just one page, or even just a picture….like this:


From this drawing I can understand what I had been feeling that day.

Writing in a journal is a good way for me to process, analyse and absorb what has happened in a day or event.  It’s also great for bed time reading. Honestly…it’s hilarious seeing what I’d been thinking a few years back in my life. I sometimes read parts to Wayne and we have a good laugh.

I love looking at how my thinking has developed over the years. It’s also encouraging to read over the entries when I was really struggling with difficult times in my life, and continue reading to see how I overcame them. I can learn a lot from what I have been through. It also helps me to remind myself of the really positive times that have happened in my life.

If you don’t already journal, I encourage you to! Maybe you could make a challenge for yourself?

I don’t write in my journal everyday, but I really try to as much I can because I know how rewarding it is.


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