30 Days with Maddy, Day Fourteen: An Evening with Cookies and a Jewish Clarinet

I’ve spent my evening playing piano, baking, listening to music and reading about the Gospel of the Nazerenes. It’s been interesting….but it’s resulted in me writing this post very last minute and in haste because I want to sleep.

How do you spend your evenings? Do you pursue an evening of productiveness and/or creativity? or do you find yourself blobbing in front of a screen until you find yourself suddenly waking up later on a couch rather than in your bed.

I know for myself, that I am most creative at night time. During my university years it was often the evening that I was most productive with my work…or drawing as a means of procrastination 😉

Now-days I often do research on the internet, or watch tv shows/movies with Wayne. Sometimes I’ll bake, or sometimes we’ll play a game.

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra have a concert coming up that is showcasing the clarinetist, Kari Kriikku. He is incredible. He makes sounds come of a clarinet that I didn’t know were possible.  If you’d like to see a fun recording of his playing, listen to THIS.

I also baked some very straightforward cookies tonight. I very rarely follow a recipe when I bake, as I know the general elements of making a cookie to the texture I like. My simple recipe tonight consisted of peanut butter, coconut sugar (my fav!), molasses, vanilla extract, cornflour + water, cocoa, oats, raisins, flour and baking soda. Very yummy 🙂

WP_20151028_007 WP_20151028_008 WP_20151028_009 WP_20151028_012

Anyway, good night all! 🙂


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