30 Days with Maddy, Day Sixteen: What if?

What if you could travel back five years ago with the knowledge you had now? Would there be anything you’d want to change? Would you feel frustrated?

What if we all had four legs and ten arms?

What if you were given five minutes to change anything in the world? What would you do? Would you do something to help yourself, or others, or the planet?

What if we’re living in one giant experiment where the world is actually only 200 years old and really all the history and knowledge we understand has been a lie implanted into us by unworldly beings.

What if the dinosaurs were still hanging around?

What if all the cats in the world died? I can answer that. It’d be a sad, sad world.

What if the internet all over the globe could no longer be used? That’d be fantastic!

What if all the wealthy people used their money to feed, clothe and house the people in poverty?

What if? What if?


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