30 Days with Maddy, Day Eighteen: Bitterness and Joy


This, here, is my new best friend. My new best baking friend. His name is Black strap Molasses. At first I hated him. He was awful. I didn’t understand why people loved him so much. The taste was so deeply bitter and horrid at first. He was like medicine – the flavour of forcefulness. But over time, something changed.ย I came to the light. Molasses showed me things that I thought he could never do.

He was a binder in baking. He brought along a crunch in every mouthful. He gave an adult-tasting flavour that made a simple cookie into something sophisticated.

He’s also full of iron – which is always a good thing.

Not only can Molasses be added to sweet things, but he can also accompany dinners. Mix some Molasses with Balsamic Vinegar and you have a good (maybe even better) substitute for worcestershire sauce. It is so yummy in a good chilli!

Apparently Molasses helps make excellent ginger bread cookies and make anything taste like Christmas.

Go ahead and buy this wonderful fella. You will have no regrets…no regrets at alllll ๐Ÿ™‚


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