30 days with Maddy, Day Nineteen: Accomplishment at the end of the road

Have you ever had an experience where you find yourself in a position of intense work; hating your life, wishing you weren’t experiencing these horrible moments…but then finding yourself pushing through and accomplishing something great?

That happened to me tonight.

About three weeks ago I took on a harp position to play for a group that performs newly commissioned pieces composed by New Zealand composers . Quite often the music is quite abstract and doesn’t really make sense to the average person who listens to classical music. It is really something you analyse while listening. Not only does it sound weird, but it’s weird to play, and often very difficult.

The pieces I was playing were extremely challenging both technically and mentally. As a person who learns mainly by listening, this was a challenge as none of these pieces had been performed before, therefore there was no recording to listen to. The music made me shout. It made me frustrated. I cried a lot to be honest (in private!) My brain hurt after every rehearsal. I felt like I wasn’t doing a very good job.

But tonight I won my inner war! I believe we (the group of musicians) pulled it off, and I received many “well done’s” at the end of the night, so I felt like I’d done just fine.

After all the horrific work that lead up to this one night, I managed to finish strong. I even acknowledge that I gained stronger skills in my own personal musical journey.

It goes for anything really. Writing an essay, running a marathon, doing an assignment…a course of some sort. We all goes through things in life where the journey may feel so horrible that you just want to give up, cry, scream, punch a wall, kick a tree…but once you get to the end, it suddenly all comes together, and whether it comes out fantastically good or not, you’ll always learn something. Nothing you do is wasteful. I’m still learning this. Even if I have to go through the same journey a few times.

So be encouraged! Keep persevering! As I stated in another post:

“Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything!” – James 1:4

Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow!


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