30 Days with Maddy, Day TwentyONE: Some Romance and Renaissance

As a musician I usually (and not surprisingly) get asked what music I listen to and whether I listen to a lot of classical music. You know what? I don’t listen to music that much. And I don’t listen to “classical” music that much either. I like a bit of jazz, a bit of indie and a bit of rock. I actually really like dub-step…but this is a bit misleading, as I only listen to one dub-step band.

When I do listen to “classical” music, it is often piano. I really love listening to piano. During my time at university I would have to attend lunch time concerts. They consisted of any combination of instrument(s). I nearly died having to sit through a string quartet or a solo violinist. Singers were ok, but if it was a pianist, I was hooked. Even now I find watching orchestras a bit of a chore, but if there is a piano concerto, then that changes everything!

I have a soft spot for Rachmaninoff – a real Romantic genius. I’ve recently transcribed one of his pieces for harp. There is actually a recording of someone playing it here:

But I reeeeally love this other prelude by Rachmaninoff (video below). I love it not only is it a beautiful piece, but because my older sister used to play it a lot during her university years. It reminds me of being at home as a young girl, snug in bed and falling asleep to her playing in the comfort of home.

Here it is here:

And if you would like to hear another truly amazing pianist play it, go HERE

I also like some good renaissance music. I love to listen to renaissance music before I sleep, or if I need to sooth my soul. Here is some fun renaissance music that has a little bit of harp in it!

Oh….and here is my dub-step I was talking about. I dare you to listen to this with proper bass speakers 😛

What sort of music do you listen to?

I dare you to branch out!!! I know I definitely need to. What is the purpose of your music? Is it to enhance your creativity? Is it to bring up a particular feeling? Or perhaps it is just for fun?

Anyway…I’ll see you tomorrow!


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