30 Days with Maddy, Day TwentySIX: To Sooth the Mind and Soul

What do you do to relieve yourself when you feel stressed, wound up or worried?

I have a few options up my sleeve that I do.

I bake, I walk in nature, I play renaissance music on my harp, I play Mozart on the piano, I listen to renaissance music, I listen to Vaughn Williams, I think about God, I cry, I write in my journal, I scribble, I read the bible, I do nothing and think or I talk to someone close.

Anyway, to be completely off topic. Here is a little clip from a movie called the “Weeping Camel”. It is a film/documentary set in Mongolia where a mother camel has rejected it’s baby due to the pain and complication of it’s difficult birth. The people who own the camel send for the local musician to which they then sing and play over the camel and it’s baby to reunite them. It’s quite beautiful really. In fact, the whole film is stunning. I’m sure you can find the film somewhere.


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