30 Days with Maddy, Day TwentyNINE: Listening to Creation

This is my second to last post of this little series everyone! I hope it has been an enjoyable and enlightening journey so far. It’s been an interesting odyssey for me.

Today was a lazy day. Usually I’m up early for a morning jog, but today my body refused that idea strongly. I haven’t been getting the usual amount of sleep lately, so I slept in for the first time in ages. Whenever I don’t exercise I suddenly feel a lot hungrier than I normally do, so I ate to my hearts content all morning, until I thought I probably should move my legs a little.

Here is where I went, sat, and thought about stuff.

WP_20151112_001 WP_20151112_002 WP_20151112_003 WP_20151112_004 WP_20151112_005 WP_20151112_006

I love the views that are available in Wellington. There is never a boring sight.

I also love that I can put videos on this blog. I can’t believe that I only just discovered this!

I think this video is very important for people to watch! And hilarious 🙂

Isn’t it true that taking some time to spend walking or even just sitting and doing nothing in nature is one of the most healthy and refreshing things you can do for yourself. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we forget that we can, and are allowed to just stop for a little bit, sit down and listen to the world around us.

I enjoy sitting in the cemetery that is close to my home.

There is something magical sitting among the grass, trees and flowers and just listening – listening to the birds, the rustle of leaves, the wind passing through the trees, the scurry of birds in the bushes, the early sounds of cicadas, a lawn mower from a property down the road, some children playing over the fence or the murmur of the stream rolling over the rocks.

I think it is really important to stop and listen. To stop and look out for details in creation around us. To admire the works of our creator. What I like looking at is the detail of a tree. The way the truck grows so strong and how the branches stretch out towards the sky. The trees always seem like they’re full of joy!

Anyway, I hope you’ve been having a good day! See you tomorrow for the final post of this series!!!!


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