30 Days with Maddy, Day 30: The Finale + Recipe

I haven’t really thought this out at all. It is my last blog of the series!!!

Thank you so much for following me for the last 30 days. It has been fun sharing a little bit of my life with you all.

What will I do now? Well, doing this challenge has motivated me, and I don’t want to stop this blog! I probably won’t post every day, but I will pursue a post every now and again. Maybe I’ll set a new challenge 😉

It is coming up to the end of the year Christmas is coming up!!! Isn’t it crazy how quickly the end of the year springs up.

I’m playing in a concert near in December called A Ceremony of Carols by a composer by Benjamin Britten.

It’ll look a bit like this:

However, I won’t be playing with children, even though I wish I was! I love children’s voices! 🙂

Preparing for this concert is going to keep me busy for the next few weeks which will be good.

Anyway, I wish everyone a brief farewell for now. I encourage you to set yourself a challenge for yourself and actually stick to it. Finishing a set task is one of the greatest things one can accomplish.

Off topic – here are some pictures of my lunch today:

WP_20151113_001 WP_20151113_002 WP_20151113_003 WP_20151113_004


Yes, it was more banana icecream, because…why not. I added blended spinach, molasses, dates and chocolate muesli that I made yesterday.

How to make Banana Ice cream

What you will need:

  • Frozen Bananas – as many as you feel like
  • Added goodies (chocolate, dates, blended spinach, granola, cocoa, molasses, etc etc)
  • Softened Dates to sweeten even more (optional)

Freeze your bananas overnight, or for at least 2 and a half hours. If you’re freezing them for a shorter length of time you’ll need to cut them up into small pieces.

Place the frozen bananas into a bowl. Blend them up with a stick blender until they turn into a soft serve texture. Then add extras, i.e dates, cocoa, molasses.

I like to blend spinach with dates separately and then add them in…for a more “healthy” look 😛

Alternatively you can blend the bananas in an high speed blender. Be aware that you’ll probably have to stop and start to push the bananas off the side of the bowl with a spoon/spatula back towards the blender.


Ok, I’m going to go now. BYE.


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