Hello, not Goodbye

Hi. How’s it going?

I know I haven’t written a post for…an awkwardly long length of time now, but i’m back now and I’m writing one again.

How have you been? I’ve been fine. 2016 seems to already be nearly half gone and that’s frightening.

What have I been doing since Christmas? Well. I had a fun summer up in Hamilton with the family. Wellington decided to put on a gloriously long summer and a warm autumn. It was weird, but very very nice.

I’ve been teaching and playing harp occasionally. I’ve also been making a lot of food which seems to be the highlight of my life. lately I’ve been making many things from scratch – recently its been making soy milk and then tofu (no pictures sorry).


My oldest brother also got married, which was extremely fun celebration 🙂

And again, Wayne and I have been exploring beautiful places.


Anyway. I’m thinking of setting myself another blog challenge. Is there anything you’d like me to do?

Righto. I better go to bed.

I leave you with the masters.




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