Butterflies and a Deadly Cheesecake

Something that kept popping up all over my facebook was this:


A cheesecake that looked too beautiful not to make.

Luckily, I had the perfect reason to make it. Guests for dinner.

First off, the original recipe was full of gluten and diary. I had to cater to everyone. The cheesecake I was to make was to be gluten free and vegan.

On our fortnightly supermarket shop, I went on the search to find the alternatives. I found the cream cheese alternative: WP_20160611_17_01_15_Pro

Yeah…it’s pretty close to the real thing. Wayne and I were surprised that all the ingredients weren’t weird unrecognisable things. Like….i knew what they all were. I won’t tell you how much one container of this was. Let’s just say it wasn’t worth it for the ingredients that were in it.

Next, I had to find gluten free cornflakes. Yes, you heard that right. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the back of regular packets of cornflakes to find that they had gluten in them. All of them were filled with malt. Sooooo, I got a gluten free version…for triple the price…just regular cornflakes but with without the malt. They made us pay triple the amount for less ingredients. Ridiculous.

Once that was sorted I went home to make it.

The base was made with crushed cornflakes, butter (I used Olivani), and cocoa. I just bashed the cornflakes with my hand.


I then made the cheesecake filling by grinding up some hazelnuts that I had roasted, and mixing it with the “cream cheese”, some coconut cream, vanilla essence and a little bit of sugar.


That all went on top of the base, and then I poured a chocolate ganache on top of that.

The next evening we ate it. It was super indulgent and quite rich. I would recommend adding a bit of sweetener to the base if you were to ever make it.


Oh and we also ate this delicious lasagna…which was also vegan and gluten free.


It was pretty good. Definitely a crowd-pleaser. I use this recipe then added a truck loads of herbs and a tomato sauce between layers. I also make up my own creamy cheesy sauce using white miso, garlic powder, dijon mustard, a few softened cashews, a ‘lil bit of lemon, tapioca starch and yeast flakes for a more flavoursome sauce.


Oh, and yesterday I found a butterfly struggling on the ground, so I picked it up, brought it into the home and fed it some sugar water. It was very pleased about that. But I realised that it’d need to have a place to fly away again, so I put it on a leaf accompanied by some sugar water. I turned my back for a couple of minutes and returned to find it had gone. I like to think that it had been filled by energy by my gift of food and flown away free, but there are a lot of birds around my home…so…


I’ve always liked insects so I have no trouble picking them up and moving them out of the way. My feel good deed for the day? I pray that the people living in this world will stop to seek God’s peace and love and desire for a creation cared and looked after.


I don’t really like to post things like this but something to think about:

“In the U.S. alone, we kill more than 9 billion land animals every year for flesh and secretions we have no need to consume. Globally, nearly 60 billion animals are slaughtered every year. It is impossible to fathom such numbers. But one by one by one by one, in a never-ending, brutal stream, every second of every day animals are peering through the slats of transport trucks, feeling the last sunlight of their lives (which is very possibly also the first); one by one, every second of every day, entering the kill chute of the slaughterhouse and walking those final steps, defenseless and innocent; one by one looking up at the last human face they will ever see— and no kindness, no mercy comes.”

Quote from: http://freefromharm.org/animal-cruelty-investigation/saddest-slaughterhouse-video-ever-shows-no-blood-or-slaughter/






















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