My Brain Hurts – Harp Day 2

This post is going to be quick as it is rather late.

Today I left learning this piece until 4pm and I needed to be somewhere at 5pm.

Somehow I managed to cram it all within 20 minutes and then after 30 or so attempts I achieved a recording without a noticeable mistake.

…although, I felt like I had cheated slightly.

I did know it by memory, but by the 29th time of trying to record without any success of playing without a fluff, and my brain and patience quickly flying through the ceiling, I decided to have the music a metre away…just in case.

Tomorrow I plan on giving myself a bit more time 🙂

This piece is a 13th century piece which I did like until the 30th time trying to play it perfectly. I felt like I probably could’ve played it a little slower, but whatever, I have more time now to adjust that 🙂

ooooo I just discovered this:

Sound familar?


See you tomorrow!!!


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