Whisked away to Narnia – Day three Harp Challenge

Happy Sunday.

Today Wayne and I both helped out at church this morning after a lovely walk into town. Wayne helped people by doing valet parking, and I helped people by showing them to their seats.

This afternoon we lounged around a bit and played an intense game of Age of Empires, which if you haven’t played…why not?! If you want time to go really quickly, then play it. 2 hours felt like 15 minutes today. It’s actually kinda dangerous.

At 5.30 I started learning the piece for the day. It’s cute. It’s short. It reminds me of Narnia. I don’t really know why…but it does. Listen to it and see what it does for you.


What did you think?

I also made a yummy pizza. It instantly makes me feel great. Topped with black beans, a thick herby tomato sauce, olives, spinach, mushrooms, a cheesy sauce, tomatoes and BBQ sauce.

Here’s a photo


and here’s a photo of my plate.


Glorious 🙂

Have a wonderful day!



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