Rather Brisk – Harp day 6

Good evening!

How are you this day? I’ve been a bit sick with a cold and now my poor husband has it too…but a lot worse than me. He’s very kind though and knows I’m a light sleeper, so he’s told me he’s going to sleep on the couch tonight so he can hack, sniff and sneeze as much as he wants.

I found today’s piece a little bit of a challenge to learn, but I managed. The thing I found difficult with memorising in this particular piece was all of the different endings to the sections. The tune itself was repetitive, yet the phrase endings weren’t. Also the tempo marking was “Very Quickly”….so, I couldn’t really get away with playing it at a comfortable speed.

Here it is. A brisk Italian piece.


Oh…and here’s a cartoon that I drew just before my wedding for my future husband 🙂


Enjoy! and see you tomorrow 🙂


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