Blissful Silence – Harp day 8

I love Friday. It’s one day away from spending two whole days with my husband 🙂

This morning was beautiful. I did a little work, then decided to head for a walk up to the hills behind my place known as the “Skyline track”.

To get there I have to venture through some bush known as Otari Bush and then I follow a pathway up the hill to the top. It’s stunning, and one of the few places I  know where the only sound I hear is…well, nothing, except maybe some crickets, bees, or possibly a few moos from nearby cows.

I took a little video as proof.


And here are some photos of my walk.


This walk was an instant happy pill for me. Sun plus hills plus big trees plus green grass and blue sky is just the perfect combo. It was so warm too! I had my arms bare to the sun. It really is the most unusual mid winter!

Here is my renaissance piece for the day. I was feeling a little ill this evening so didn’t end up learning a new piece, but I chose this one as it is one of my favourites. It’s also my one of my brother’s most highly requested pieces! (He likes the trills :P)

I hope you have a wonderful day and I dare you to go out into nature and see if it helps clear your busy mind!


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