Heaven? Day 2 Drawing Challenge


How was your day?

My morning consisted of singing and playing music to babies and toddlers. Every Tuesday (and at the moment Thursdays) I help teach a preschool music class. It’s fun, entertaining and enlightening. Babies and toddlers develop so quickly – it’s amazing to see their progress with what an adult would seem so simple, yet for a 1 year old is such a triumph!

Today’s drawing was a funny one. I don’t really know why I drew it to be honest. I was looking at my fruit bowl (which is overflowing with ripe bananas) and thought how amazing it’d be to life a live just eating an abundance of fruit. That would actually be my dream; my heaven. I would LOVE to life in a place of warmth all of the time and to eat ripe fruit all day long. Luckily, it is possible!!! …but not really in New Zealand. Maybe in Hawaii? I may be a little obsessed with watching beautiful families living in a tropical paradise. Check these guys out:


Did you know that fruit is the perfect food for humans? Eating just fruit can provide all your protein (check out THIS superhuman!)Β , carbs and fat and essential amino acids etc etc (minus B12 nowdays) intake you need to live a healthy life…as long as you’re eating enough that is – as in, not just a couple of bananas for breakfast. However, I think I enjoy cooked meals a little too much, so maybe it’s not for me.

Anyway, the reason why I talked about this is that in my picture for the day I was going to have fruit flying through the air and a person dancing with joy, but then I thought that’d be slightly ridiculous, so I changed that a little. Here it is:

WP_20160705_20_01_38_Pro (2)

Have a wonderful day!!!


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