Update plus 60 things about me

I left you on a hopeful note that I’d be back very soon with a post….so this post is a little awkwardly delayed.

I’ve been struggling to know what to write about and trying to think of a new challenge to set myself. It got to the point where I’ve been trying to do little challenges like “how long can I do the plank everyday” (1 min 30 seconds so far!!), trying to do the splits and reading a chapter of a book and other uninteresting things along those lines that I felt wasn’t worthy of writing about.

So, Wayne challenged me to learn and transcribe a Scarlatti piece every week for the harp. Soooo, I’m up for that. In the next two days I’ll record myself and post one!! 🙂

Anyway, for a bit of entertainment, here are 60 facts about me.

  1. I’m 24 years old
  2. I live in Wellington, New Zealand
  3. I got married when I was 22
  4. My favourite colour was blue when I was little, but I think now I’m leaning towards the purples.
  5. I think all women would look great with long hair.
  6. I’m a Christian.
  7. I wanted to be a builder when I was a child.
  8. I was the last girl in my year group at school to get my first mobile phone at aged 16 and I hated having one!
  9. I’ve been writing in a journal regularly since 2006 – I have many novels of my life!
  10.  I’m quite conservative with my beliefs…at least I think so…depends on what you see as conservative.
  11. I adore tahini. Tahini on everything. Tahini is life.
  12. My favourite accent is the Irish accent.
  13. I only drink from the largest mugs that I can find.
  14. I wash my hair every 5 days and never blow dry it.
  15. I love the smell of the rain on a hot day, the sound of the wind in the trees, the feel of sand in my feet and the sun on my face…I kinda “worship” the sun during summer.
  16. One of my favourite things to do is to climb things – trees, cliffs, mountains…
  17. I follow a vegan lifestyle.
  18. Maths and physics were my worst subjects at school – luckily I married a physicist!
  19. Drama was my best and favourite subject at school.
  20. My height is 164cm.
  21. The thought of me making anyone unhappy causes me to get really anxious.
  22. I find it really hard to say no.
  23. I HATE gum.
  24. I was born 6 weeks early.
  25. I wish I could fly.
  26. I’m very optimistic about people…but not always about myself.
  27. I’m not a naturally tidy person. I always thought I’d grow into it, but no. I sometimes still just stuff my clothes into my drawers instead of folding them.
  28. I LOVE Quentin Blake’s illustrations.
  29. The Far Side are my favourite short comics.
  30. Everyday after school until I was 18, I’d come home and have 3 crackers with vegemite and cheese, a milo and read a Tintin comic or an Asterix comic.
  31. My favourite music genre is Renaissance.
  32. I play the harp and the piano.
  33. One of my favourite memories was playing the lead role in my 7th form drama production.
  34. I really dislike alcohol because of the taste…but I’m also not a fan of people relying on alcohol for a “good time” or to get drunk. I’m all for alcohol free gatherings.
  35. I love making things from scratch! baking, bread, pasta, flours, body wax! tofu, milks – anything really!
  36. I’m always thinking about what I really want to do for a “living” and struggle a bit with that.
  37. I often have imaginary arguments and conversations in my head – usually when I’m out walking…I hope I don’t sound too mad!
  38. I love serving.
  39. I find it very hard to not put myself down.
  40. I love being up high! On the top of a mountain or cliff…whatever!
  41. I love exploring! I can’t wait to go travelling one day 🙂
  42. The only country I’ve been to outside of New Zealand is Australia.
  43. I used to run a lot…but not anymore really.
  44. I really dislike being in the city. Large crowds, loud buses, traffic, car horns, people walking fast in their work outfits, tall buildings close together,  the smell of petrol and smoke, constant talking, large billboards, dirty footpaths, the wealthy and the beggars side by side…all of this makes me feel claustrophobic and stressed. I try to avoid it 🙂
  45. I’d love to live in a small village by the sea or by a river.
  46. I love evenings at home.
  47. I like being by myself, but I do enjoy seeing people too – just not always.
  48. I love wearing long skirts and floaty clothes in general.
  49. I used to have a massive crush on Legolas from LOTR.
  50. I’ve only cried once when watching a movie…and it was delayed too…like 20 minutes after the movie finished.
  51. I was so shy in primary school that teachers would have to do special one on one “training” with me so when the teacher asked a question in class, I’d be prepared to put my hand up with the practiced answer….like it was all a performance really.
  52. I love big families 🙂 I always wanted a million children…but I don’t reeeeally know if that’s possible.
  53. My favourite fruit is the banana.
  54. I wish everyone would strive for supporting and living in compassion and peace.
  55. I dislike brussel sprouts
  56. I hate oil in salads
  57. I have porridge for breakfast nearly every day and quite often for lunch too.
  58. If I had the choice to live off fruit or veges, I’d choose fruit.
  59. I couldn’t live without an electric blanket during winter.
  60. I only wear black socks.


Annnnnd I’ll stop there. I hope that was interesting.

I made a spelt flour soughdough loaf today. I’d been feeding the “mother” starter for a while now. Here are a few photos.


What would you like me to write about?????? Let me know via a comment 🙂


See you sooooonn!!!!


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