A New Year, A New Challenge

Happy new year!

Goodness, what a long time it’s been. Hopefully it won’t continue that way becaaaause……I’m setting myself a new challenge. Potentially an unrealistic one, but a challenge at least.

I hope to be more present on this blog as I’ve set myself a goal to draw a picture every day this year, and then share it. So far I’ve done the drawing part of it, but not so much the sharing part – so let me begin!

Day one of this year:

You know how for some weird reason the beginning of the year does something mentally in your brain where you suddenly feel invincible and can conquer anything? no? well that kind of happens to me. I thought – I’m going to draw every day this year! I know I enjoy drwaing, but I just don’t actually sit down and do it everyday, so why not start now? Even if it is just five minutes a day.

I put a smile on my face and sat down with my sketch pad at the dining room table. I stared at the paper with no idea what to do…so….experimented?



That is supposed to be me in the picture (if you didn’t guess already). I have my look of “I don’t really know how this is going to turn out, but I’ll keep on smiling”.

Anyway, along comes day two. It was an enjoyable day. My husband and I had an evening stroll in the local park and played on a playground without a care in the world. I even made some video clips to create a fun video (which hasn’t worked out yet. Can anyone suggest a good programme to make videos?). Here is a little excerpt of the fun I had.



Day three: I must’ve seen some birds that day.



Day Four: Wayne and I returned home from our “summer” holiday up north. We walked to the shops in what seemed to be a nice sunny afternoon to get a couple of supplies, but then Wellington remembered to welcome us back and brought a storm. Thank you Wellington. Thanks so much. It’s been cold ever since.



Day 5: day-5




I was lacking a little motivation. I’m determined to try a little harder tomorrow!


So there you have it folks!

What goal(s) have you set yourself for 2017? This year is going to be a grand year of change and mystery for my husband and I. We don’t even know where we’ll be living in 10 months time!

Stay tuned for tomorrow 🙂



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