Flying up high

Remember how I said I wanted to bake yesterday? Well I did. I ended up baking some impromptu experimental cupcakes. They were indulgent.


Last night I had a weird dream of flying. I could control how high and low I went via computer controls. It was odd. I felt almost in control, but not fully. Anyway. That inspired my wee picture tonight.


I also tried to make a loaf of bread today. I left it too long to rise, so it collapsed. Oh well.


And here is a photo of me in the sun tonight. Wayne and I are practising up our frisbee skills. I’m getting there…sort of.


Now I’m not a huge fan about talking about diets etc, but these guys are just rad. If you’re on the getting healthier train this year, take a look at this positive video 🙂

Ok Ok see you tomorrow!


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