Quickly Quickly


I’ve just spent a wonderful weekend with my immediate family staying in a bach on Waihi beach. It was great. I finally experienced some summer after weeks of wind and cold.

My second eldest brother finally married his beautiful bride on Saturday. It was such a lovely garden wedding. The sun was out, it was warm…maybe too warm, but perfect! I played my harp with a stunning cellist to accompany the bridal party up the isle and then down at the end.wp_20170114_14_07_18_pro1


The ceremony was followed by an enthusiastic afternoon of lawn games and delicious food, and then dinner and speeches. I must say, my family have done pretty well on the wedding scene. Four weddings down, one to go. My youngest brother’s wedding is going to be the bomb.

Anyway, regarding drawings. It didn’t really happen last weekend.

On Thursday I drew a cartoon in the sand:


This view happened:


I quickly made up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday by drawing 20 second drawings. Seriously. 20 second drawings.


Today’s drawing didn’t work out quite how I wanted:


Oh well 😦

At least I made some yummy chocolate’s today.


Recipe HERE

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I’ll produce a better cartoon!

Have a lovely evening 🙂




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