Freedom dancing

Last night I went out with my husband. We went to the garden music and light festival that happens every summer in Wellington. It’s a pretty funky party. The atmosphere is freeing – perhaps a little too freeing for some as I noticed a peculiar waft of unusual smelling smoke and drinking. But hey, it’s a free country and as long as no one got hurt.

The night that we went, there was a snazzy jazz band playing some smooth tunes. It was cool. I love seeing the freedom of people dancing up by the stage as the crowds behind them enjoy the music and have picnics. There was a beautiful duo of a mother and daughter dancing.

There were also some creative light displays.

And of course I had some night dumplings before bed. These were four of nine.


For your information, you can buy 100 dumplings from Haere Mai, Dixon Street, Wellington for $13. Do it. Your life will become so much better.

Anyway, here is my drawing. It’s a little weird, but ok.


Also, if you want to read an article read THIS.

A little different view on fishing perhaps?

Anyway, see you tomorrow!


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