Sweet and deadly

I have sweet addiction…to hot cocoa. It’s been happening for the last few months. I haven’t missed a day, except for the last weekend. When I drove back to Wellington, the thought that I could have a hot cocoa warmed my spirit and I felt alive again.

My cocoa isn’t like any average cocoa. Mine is a level 10. It has to be dark dutch cocoa, mixed with coconut sugar and black strap molasses. I mix the dry ingredients at the bottom with a little soy milk until it becomes a thick paste. Then I fill the cup with hot water. This drink is a dessert and hot drink in one. I eat it with a spoon. So deadly. Kinda embarrassing. Also, just to confirm – this isn’t just a little cocoa and sugar…this is A LOT of cocoa and sugar. My younger brother will understand. We had one after school everyday as teenagers for years when there was no milo.

I know this isn’t the healthiest drink….so I may experiment and try to stop for a week. I expect bad withdrawals.

Anyway, here is the drawing for the day:


This is how I feel most of the time. What about you?





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