Where’s the Imagination?

This is a drawing of the pattern that is on the curtains in our flat.



I wonder what the poor person making this was thinking? I mean, it’s not even perfectly symmetrical. Not that I should really care, but I often find myself just staring at patterns in curtains to see what I can make out of them.

Anyway. On Thursday I was struggling with a picture.


You can also see that I attempted a new signature. It’s the letter of my first name and my middle name. My husband pointed out that my regular married signature looks like I’m writing “Mr Crump”. I felt a little put off by that. I’d never seen it like that. “MRCrump”. Duh. It troubled me that I’ve signed my wedding registry and all of my bank cards that way. Oh well.

Yesterday I didn’t draw anything..I know, so I made it up with this.


My family will understand this. At least my younger brother. This is known as the S man – because you start the drawing with a “S”.

Alright, Alright. See you tomorrow!


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