How Unorthodox

Good Evening.

I was a little desperate with my drawings tonight.


They’re weird, I know.

The first one was supposed to be me as a child in bed imagining the tooth fairy who had just visited me. I wasn’t pleased with the drawing, so I drew how I felt about it on the right.

The tooth fairy was something/someone (?) I actually slightly believed in as a child. I think it’s because I wanted to believe it. A fairy seemed like the coolest little creature ever. Seriously, what little girl would not want to believe in tiny little magical people with wings that give you money? The idea of Santa or the Easter bunny just made no sense to me as a child, but a fairy….a fairy was the coolest.

Anyway, the second picture has no caption. I also didn’t sign my name on either of them as I felt they didn’t deserve it.

If anyone has any requests of what I should draw, let me know! 🙂

Ok, Ok, here is a little random video for you all. This lady is a fun you tuber.


And here is a picture of a pizza I made last night.




Yep. I ate a lot. Eat until your heart and stomach are content. Veges are good for you. And yes, I did make a “cheese” sauce out of plants. It is possible. Anything is possible.

See you soon!



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