A Night of Games and Brownies.

Good Evening!

Today was another sunny day in Wellington, which is such a relief! I spent a good time sitting outside to get some much needed vitamin D 🙂

Tonight was great.

Wayne and I went round to my sister’s place for a fun family dinner and games night. I took advantage of this and brought round some brownie that I have baked that afternoon.

After a delicious meal of corn fritters, salad and garlic bread, the evening commenced with a dessert of chocolate brownie and coconut yoghurt, and a good game of Pictionary. A wonderfully blessed combo.



The story behind the above photo goes like this. Wayne drew this. I said “peck”. I was correct.

So, while I was there, I cheekily drew my drawing for the day.


Also, if you want the recipe for the brownies, click HERE. I personally added in some white chocolate and walnuts, and used Olivani (margarine) instead of the oil.

This is the white chocolate you want!


Right! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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