A Waterfall Adventure!

Even if it’s a day late…Happy Valentines Day!


I am currently experiencing a fabulous Summer in Napier at the moment, which may explain my absence of posts. Wellington’s weather has been a little grim as of late, so I’m relishing this warmth and sun.

I am partaking in the exciting opera, “Carmen”. It really is a very fun performance and probably a good introduction to opera if you haven’t really watched any. There is a lot of colour and thrilling music!

Anyway, a couple of days ago Napier reached a temperature of 34 degrees which is a little too hot for my liking, SO, together with three others, I made a trip out to Maraetotara Falls.

The drive there was a cure for sore eyes. The hills looked like fur or a lions mane as the wind blew through the long sandy-coloured grass.  There was also an abundance of tall trees. Once we got there, there a little five minute walk through the bush and then you are welcomed by a sound of crashing water and a stunning view of the waterfall and the water below. So of course we immediately had to jump into the cool water, take a few snaps and then have a swim.





You could also jump from the top of the water fall. I didn’t though. Eeeep! BUT, I did jump from another place that was a little lower, and then had another jump with the help of a rope that was attached to a branch. It was frightening, and I probably wouldn’t have jumped as soon as I did if it wasn’t for the help of the people below counting down from three. It was so exhilarating! So much adrenaline!



On the drive back we noticed that the air was getting thicker and soon realised that it was smoke!


One of us received a text explaining that there was a fire on the hills near where we were.

We stopped on the side of the road and received instructions from a fire warden to evacuate to the suburbs as quickly as we could because the hills were on fire. So that’s what we did. The air only got thicker and we could see the fire and helicopters trying to put the fire out. I found it exciting! But it wasn’t really. It was actually rather dangerous and threatening to some houses nearby. Click HERE for more info!

Napier really is a beautiful place, and is one of my favorite places in New Zealand. It’s celebrating Art Deco week this week, so hopefully I’ll capture some photos to share later on.

This was my view from my morning excursion today:




The Hawkes Bay is stunning.

Ok, some drawings. I am a few days behind still, but I am catching up! Here are three more 🙂



The one above is meant to be me jumping into the water from the other day. Haha.


Ok, see you soon!!!


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