A Story about Dominion…and a Duck.


How’s your Sunday going?

Mine is going fairly smoothly. I just made a glorious pizza for dinner. The “cheese” sauce was bang on this evening. Perhaps I’ll write up a recipe for this particular one. I had put up a post in the past with one version. Click here for that 🙂


Here are a couple of drawings:



And finally,


So the next part of this post may be a little unnerving for some, but I think it’s really really important to be informed. Please continue reading 🙂

Also, I talk a lot about my faith, so it may not resonate with you a whole lot, but bear with me 🙂

First off, I want to show you a couple of photos from my Nephews’ children’s bible:


These pages are from the creation story. It highlights God’s absolute love for his creation and everything in it. I love how it quotes “God saw all that he had made and he loved them. And they were lovely because he loved them.” I love how it shows that God talked to his creations: “Hello animals!…You’re good!” and “You look like me (Adam and Eve), You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made”.

Everything that God had planned for this earth was perfect and made in his Glory.

But you know the story. Sin entered the world, so therefore creation experienced death, violence and suffering. God had given us freewill and we fell into temptation and it resulted in the world today. However, because God loved us so flippin much, he sent Jesus to teach us the right way to live, and to actually die for all our sins so we could have that beautiful Garden of Eden relationship with God again and live with him forever. Jesus was the last sacrifice.

So, I’m going to backtrack a little. Back to the creation story. God gave Adam and Eve an extremely important commandment. In fact, it’s actually the first commandment in the bible. Dominion. Or in other words, Stewardship. Like a king looking over his kingdom. He gave them the task of looking after creation and everything in it. Not to oppress and destroy. They were to be the representatives of God to God’s creation. And we all know how much God loved his creation! His plan was perfect from the start!

So when sin entered the world, not only did humans get affected, but animals. They did and now still experience death, suffering and pain. But what do humans have that animals do not? We have dominion. We are to be good stewards of this earth. We are so lucky in this age to have the ability to educate ourselves about what is going on in the world we live in, and how we can reduce the suffering afflicted on creation and all that lives in it. Here’s a quote from a book called Animal Gospel. “We are the species who can dream divine-like dreams and by divine grace actually actualize them. Humans are the one species capable of continuing the story of God incarnate”.

Now, I want to share a story about some ducks. Perhaps you have some pillows or a jacket that is filled with down. Have you ever wondered where these down feathers come from?

Maybe you think that people collect them as they fall of these birds, or maybe once they kill these ducks quickly they remove the down? So, just to remind you all that down feathers are the feathers that come off ducks before the large mature feathers come through.

Sadly there is nothing nice about down feathers. 80% of the down feathers bought globally come from China. 90% from ducks and the others usually from geese. Most of the down feathers come from egg laying birds or birds grown for meat. The large majority of down feathers are plucked off the birds while they are still alive and conscious. As you can imagine, that’d be extremely painful. The reason they do this is because once they remove the down, the birds will grow more down – and so the cycle continues…until they die.

To read more information about this, please click here 

When you purchase an item with down, you’re supporting an industry that kills billions of birds every year that have been crammed into horribly confined and unhygienic places.

Many of these ducks are also being force fed via tubes so they can produce an extremely fatty liver  – ten times the normal size to be exact! Just for Pâté – a “delicacy”.

I encourage you to watch this if you have time 🙂 If it’s too horrible for you to watch, then it shouldn’t be good enough for you to support.


So, now that you’re informed. Please think again when purchasing an item with down, or feathers in general. They always only belonged on these creatures. They don’t belong to humans. God made feathers for birds. Would God want these creatures to suffer?

You don’t have to support it. We are extremely lucky in this age to have so many alternatives! It’s wonderful 🙂

So, I know this is only one of many (sadly) terrible industries that cause animals to suffer, but I thought perhaps this is something that most people wouldn’t think about?

I believe in you! You can be a good Steward!

Stay tuned for a chocolaty recipe coming soon!!!! 🙂





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