Ask WHY.

[WARNING: This blog post is long…and potentially won’t make much sense, so have fun!]


I’m still alive. I just had a wee moment to breathe, and now I’m back.

Here are a few drawings from the last 2 weeks.




The green diamond above the girl is a symbol from the game “the Sims”….just in case you didn’t know.


The last one is a tad random…but whatever.

How’s it going?

I think it’s interesting how a person’s mind develops as they grow up and have to make their own moral decisions.

We all grow up in a household of rules, regulations and morals. Our parents teach us the way we should live, and what our morals should be according to their beliefs. School also presents rules and morals (some of which our parents may not be a fan of). Society and the media gives us laws and tries to make us question our morals.

There comes a point when we’re thrown into the world as an adult and have to live by the laws of our country and live by the morals we choose.

I remember seeing this a lot during university. Students would be living without parents and spend their days pushing the limits of what they thought was appropriate and/or questioning every value that they were previously adamant of when living in their family home. Sometimes it was a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing.

As adults in a country like New Zealand we have the freedom to question about why we live and believe a certain way.

Why do I do this thing? Why do I believe in this moral? Why do I believe this religion? Why do I wear this thing? Why do I study this subject? Why, why, why, whhhyyyyyy?

Questions are good. Asking why is good.

I know, for me, I held onto my beliefs firmly and strongly all the way through to university, which I think was good (thanks mum and dad). I never questioned anything because I didn’t need to. I was living safely in a stable home. I was free to ask whatever I wanted if I did have some giant questions about life lurking in my mind.

At university I was surrounded by students questioning life and all of it’s meanings. I saw the stalls, I read the magazines and I heard the discussions, but I never really questioned my morals, my beliefs or what I studied.

Finally, I got married, and then I started to think about life a bit more. Perhaps it’s because my time is no longer fixated on studying music history and passing all of my papers. Perhaps it’s because I am feel more responsible about my life and my husbands. Or perhaps I’ve just been reading a bit more… I don’t really know, by I’ve been thinking about how great it is to ask WHY.

Some examples:

My Christian faith: I grew up in a stable and passionate Christian home. It was great. I encountered God. My parents were and are amazing people of faith. It is the foundation of my life. This is actually one thing I’ve been forced to question all of my life, so I’m pretty happy with this belief in my life. Jesus is cool. If you want to learn more about God, people at churches are nice people to talk to 🙂

My degree: This is something I kind of “fell” into I’d say. I left school not really knowing what I wanted to do ( I still don’t have a definite answer), but I knew that I liked playing music as it was something I grew up with and felt stable in. So I did. Do I question it? All the time! But that’s OK. Life’s a journey right?

Veganism: Society and being in my household taught me that eating meat, eggs, dairy, honey, wearing leather, wearing wool, going to the zoo, going to the aquarium and many other things were fine and non harmful because they’re just seen as normal. I started questioning these things without the influence of anyone in my life. I stumbled upon veganism by learning about plant-based baking and cooking on the internet. I watched some YouTube videos and some documentaries, chatted to God, and felt incredibly convicted about it and also felt an extreme sense of relief when I made my decision. I tell you what, it is tricky being a Christian sometimes but being a Christian and a Vegan is a hilarious combo.

Reactions: Why do I react in a certain way? Well, generally it’s a habit from childhood or influence of people around me. I might automatically react angrily without thinking about it just because it was something I did as a child or witnessed most of my life. So, I have been asking WHY. Why do I react in a certain way. This a good “why”.

Then there are little things that I like to question…like, why do I shave? I don’t need to. It’s only because society tells me to. But I choose to because I like the feeling of smooth skin.

Why do I wear bras? It’s been scientifically proven that wearing them (excluding sport) is doing more harm than good for women who don’t have enormous chests. So why do I keep wearing them? Society tells women that they need to. No one wants to see nipples or something. So I feel pressured to wear them. It that was too much info for you…sorry…not sorry. Haha.

I’ve been looking at a few things that I’ve lived by in my life without really thinking about why. I’ve taken a good look at them, thought about whether I really want to live by that, then placed in part of my mind where I want to continue to live by it.

I guess what I want to say is that it’s good to ask WHY. Think about something that you’ve done all of your life and ask WHY. Think of a moral that you’ve lived by and ask WHY. Do you really believe something or are you just believing it because you’ve been brought up that way, or society has been telling you it’s correct, or school always told you something was impossible or it was to be only done a certain way.

Educate yourself in things your interested in! Don’t just assume because you’re doing something, it is good for you, or is the only way. Watch documentaries! Seriously!!

I hope this post wasn’t a big rambling, generalized mess…but actually got you thinking in some way.

Here is a wonderful photo of something delicious. I made some “healthy” cookies the other day (maybe I’ll share the recipe). I cut them up, placed them in a bowl, poured some soy milk on them and ate it like cereal. LIFE. CHANGING.



I hope you have a wonderful day!

Also, if you want to watch some interesting street interviews, watch this:





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