The “Sup” War


It’s been an awfully long time hasn’t it. I apologise. Why haven’t I been writing for the last few months? To be perfectly honest, I felt a little uninspired. I know that there is a view that you should just keep pushing on and keep going with a project even if you have to squeeze out a single drop of creativity, but I just couldn’t. I feel weird posting things that aren’t interesting in my opinion. Maybe I’ll explain things another time.

I also felt a little embarrassed about sharing my personal life and I felt like this blog was going down a weird route, but hey, you only live once. It doesn’t really matter.

SOOOOOO what has happened since…..the 19th of March? (gosh it HAS been a while!)

Well, I have been doing a few doodles. Remember how I challenged myself to draw every day this year? Well, that didn’t happen. But I must say, I have drawn the most amount of pictures EVER in one year since….I was a kid probably.

monster tray

Ok, Ok. The picture above has a story. My brother went to some band’s concert and the lead singer’s nickname is “Monster Tray”. So he asked me to draw it….literally, and send it to him so he could give the picture to the singer. It never happened, but that’s ok Β – I ended up with some wacko drawing.

Recognise this character below?


Some girl and flowers.


If you live in NZ you’ll recognise these washing lines. I swung on these as a kid and was told off repetitively.



Autumn is pure bliss because of this alone:


A birthday card I drew for my favourite younger brother. Just look at him, so handsome, with a hot cuppa and a flower between his toes. Haha.


My beautiful mummy.


So. yes, I hope you enjoyed those.

I’ve also been making and eating a lot of delicious food. You can click on each picture individually if you want to see the food up close. I won’t judge…I mean, I’d do the same.


From above you can see the hot cross buns I made for Easter. They were so good. So very good.

I’ve seen some pretty views. Again, you can click on them to see a fuller photo.


As you can tell, my life joys revolve around food and views.

Anyway, the title of this post – “Sup Wars”. You might be thinking what the heck man?!

Let me explain.

I have a seven year old piano student who is awesome. While his sister is having a lesson, he draws. Some of his drawings are so hilarious that I just had to take a photo of them. Here are a few:


Maybe they’re not as awesome to you, but I think they’re great. Click on each one to see everything.

So, in his last lesson, my student left a book that he wrote called “Sup”. It was about a Sup war. Click on the pictures and enjoy the pure simple entertainment and creativity of a young child who doesn’t care what other people think.


Ok, I better go to bed, but I hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully you’ll see me again very soon!

If there is anything you want to say, write a comment! If there is anything you want me to write about specifically, ask me πŸ™‚



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