Change your life in the Kitchen (Serious)

Ok, Ok.

I’ve discovered the most life changing and incredibly brilliant kitchen tool.

Like, seriously man. I’m not even kidding.

The first time I tried this beautiful device, I….I actually almost cried with joy. No exaggeration.

Alright. So, this tool is a can opener. But no ordinary can opener. This is a MagiCan. *enter choir from heaven*.

So you know how over time can openers get rusty and loose their sharpness? And when you’re just happily opening a can of tinned tomatoes, the can opener decides to just SKIP a little bit of the can and you have to release your grip and try and attach the opener to just that iddy biddy little bit of metal and then it doesn’t work and you loose hope and just try and open it by stabbing the can with a knife?

Or, the handle starts rusting, and…. it just falls apart?

Or, the opener has just decided to stuff all, and not even attach itself in the first place?

Or, when you take the lid off the can you accidentally cut yourself on the sharp metal?

Or, maybe none of this has happened to you, but you are just intrigued now?

WELL. Let me say, the MagiCan is the end to all your problems my friends.

Let me explain.

My humble $10 can opener decided to stop working one day, and I said “NO MORE!”. So my husband and I went to the store, More Wilsons (a fancy homeware and grocery store) to purchase a more worthwhile opener.

We looked at the selection (and I’m going to be honest, we searched for the cheapest one there) and lo and behold, the MagiCan was there for around $20. It didn’t look like much because it was made from white plastic, not metal. But once it proved itself, it’s appearance was no longer a turn off.

Now, I could explain how to use it, or I could leave it to the brilliant advertising of this fella:


Here are some photos of my MagiCan.


So if you want to save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress in the kitchen, do yourself a favour. Purchase one of these beauties. Seriously. What a JOY. No more cut fingers, no more struggles and the smoothest experience of can opening in your life.

Arg, ok. I’ll end the advertisement now.

So off topic, if you have Netflix, I encourage you to watch the film, “Okja”. You’ll enjoy it!


See you again!


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