About me

Hi there!

I’m Madeleine; or just Maddy. This is a little place where I share parts of my life which may include stories, recipes and cartoons.


I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand! I highly recommend coming and visiting. I gained a Honours degree in music performance in 2013 and am living as a musician – performing, playing and teaching harp and piano. I also am obsessed with baking…seriously, I’m baking some biscuits as I write. I also love drawing cartoons and exploring nature. Most days I run or walk around the bush and hills that stand and thrive around my house. On February 22nd 2014, I married the best man on the planet. It was my favourite day :)


I can’t live without bananas, tahini, Molasses, or dates. This list could continue. I also have scarily vivid dreams most of the time. I could write some pretty epic novels from the doings of my mind at night time.


Why Walking Among Daisies? WELL….it was actually my younger brother’s idea, but I came to the conclusion that it suited me completely! …I mean, daisies are my favourite flower, and I absolutely love walking through them! Daisies also represent an innocence that I adore, and help me connect to the simplicity and beauty of life.

Join me as I explore and share parts of my life with you 🙂


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